NCSC Traffic Resources Webinar

Webinar Link

A 20-minute webinar by Joan Cochet, NCSC Library Manager and NHTSA project staff member, on how to access NCSC traffic resources through the NCSC website, the Library’s online catalog, and the digital eCollection. Originally broadcast on April 16, 2014, this event discussed our traffic resources and how to discover what services we have available through the NCSC Library for our state court partners and constituents. The National Center for State Courts Library is the world’s leading collection of resources related to the field of judicial administration. This collection contains over 50,000 titles in various formats (print, electronic, video, CD-ROM, DVD, microfiche, etc.) covering a wide range of traffic issues including impaired driving, procedural fairness, DUI courts, traffic courts, photo speed enforcement, license suspensions, non-criminal traffic violations, traffic bench warrants, sentencing, recidivism, alcohol interlock programs, re-engineering DUI case processing, juvenile DUIs, collection of traffic fines, and rehabilitative programs.