Facts, Statistics, and Studies

This is a collection of factual and statistical information that may be useful for judges.

Fresno County (CA) Remote Video Proceeding Q&ANCSC (August 2017). This Q&A with Fresno Superior Court staff discusses Fresno County's remote video proceeding system for traffic offenses, designed to improve access to traffic courts in a county covering a large geographic area.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System - NHTSA's database with road fatality data, updated yearly. See general summary of fatality data here.

Traffic Safety Facts 2015, NHTSA (May 2017). This is NHTSA's comprehensive annual report about motor vehicle crash data which identifies trends and thoroughly analyzes the FARS data from the report year.

Summary of Motor Vehicle Crashes, NHTSA (February 2017). This fact sheet summarizes 2015 data on motor vehicle fatalities and fatal crashes, as well as analyzing trends in crash and fatality data from the previous ten years.

Traffic Safety Facts: Alcohol-Impaired Driving, NHTSA (December 2016). This fact sheet summarizes NHTSA's 2015 data regarding alcohol-impaired driving trends in the United States.

Alcohol-Impaired Driving in the United States: Results from the 2016 TIRF USA Road Safety Monitor, TIRF (December 2016). This fact sheet summarizes the results of a survey of the second annual TIRF USA Road Safety Monitor national survey.

Traffic Safety Facts: State Alcohol-Impaired-Driving Estimates, NHTSA (December 2016). This fact sheet summarizes the data NHTSA received from states regarding alcohol-impaired-driving in 2015, including where it filled in gaps in NHTSA's own data.

NHTSA Data Shows Traffic Deaths up 7.7 Percent in 2015, NHTSA (July 2016). See paired document: Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2015.

Rural States Struggle to Reduce Road Deaths, Pew Charitable Trust (March 2013). This article which contains a 50 state map describes the variations amongst the state’s with vehicular fatalities.

Challenges and Defenses II: Claims and Responses to Common Challenges and Defenses in Driving While Impaired Cases, NHTSA (March 2013). DUI cases have become some of the most complex in the criminal justice system. As a result, defense challenges are being raised more frequently and are more procedural and scientific in nature. These challenges range from the initial law enforcement stop of the vehicle to the testing procedures used to determine alcohol concentration in blood, breath, and urine samples to possible alternative explanations for those results. This monograph was developed to assist prosecutors and law enforcement in understanding the nature of these challenges.

Case Studies of Community-Based Self-Sufficient DWI Programs, NHTSA (July 2011). This report is intended to provide guidance to communities in developing or adapting existing programs to function more self-sufficiently. The report features five case studies of community-based, self-sufficient DWI programs operating at the local level in various communities across the country.