Issue Briefs

Each month the Traffic Resource Center releases an issue brief on a topic of interest to our court constituents.  PowerPoint slides are also available for some issue briefs and may be used for presentations as needed as long as proper attribution is given to the National Center for State Courts.  Suggestions for new topics are welcome and may be sent to or


Driver’s License Suspensions for Non-Traffic Related Violations (January/February 2017)


Admissibility of Seat Belt Non-Use Evidence (January 2016) State by State Spreadsheet

Sharing the Road: State Laws and Cyclists (February 2016)

24/7 Sobriety Program (Summer 2016)

Graduated Driver's License Programs (Fall 2016)

Ignition Interlock Landscape 2016 (December 2016)


Issue Brief 1: Assimilative Crimes Act (January 2015)

Issue Brief 2: Pre-Trial Diversion Programs for DUIs (February 2015)

Issue Brief 3: Refusal of Implied Consent Test (March 2015) Spreadsheet for Refusal

Issue Brief 4: Use of Out-of-State Prior Convictions to Enhance the Penalty of a Current Conviction (April 2015)

Issue Brief 5: All Blood is not the Same: Whole Blood v. Serum/Plasma/Supernatant in BAC Analysis (May 2015)

Issue Brief 6: Sobriety Checkpoints (June 2015) Spreadsheet for Sobriety Checkpoints

Issue Brief 7: Alcohol Provider Liability (July/August 2015) Spreadsheet on Alcohol Provider Liability

Issue Brief 8: Habitual Offender Laws (September 2015) Spreadsheet on Habitual Offender Laws

Issue Brief 9: The Driver License Compact (October 2015)

Issue Brief 10: Distracted Driving in the Courts: Not Just a Criminal Matter (November 2015)

Issue Brief 11: Women and Drunk Driving (December 2015)


Issue Brief 1: "Vulnerable Users" Statutes (January 2014) PPTs-1

Issue Brief 2: Electronic Citations: Fees and Disbursements (February 2014) PPTs-2

Issue Brief 3: Statutory Limitations on Plea Bargaining of Impaired Driving Cases (March 2014) PPTs-3

Issue Brief 4: Judicial Traffic Resources in the NCSC Library
(April 2014)

Issue Brief 5: What Constitutes Driving? (May 2014) PPTs-5

Issue Brief 6: DWI/DUI Courts (June 2014) PPTs-6

Issue Brief 7: Happy Hour Restrictions (July 2014) PPTs-7

Issue Brief 8: 2013/2014 Interlock Laws: Eastern States (August 2014)

Issue Brief 9: 2013/2014 Interlock Laws: Western States (September 2014)

Issue Brief 10: Child Endangerment Statutes (October 2014) 

Issue Brief 11:  Public Highways / Enforcement Zone of Impaired Driving Laws (November 2014)

Issue Brief 12: Veterans and Driving (December 2014)