DWI/DUI Courts


This is the third of six videos produced by the National Center for State Courts and ABA Judicial Outreach Liaisons, supported by NHTSA, about issues in traffic adjudication. In this video, judges discuss specialty courts for the adjudication of alcohol-impaired driving cases, commonly called DWI courts or DUI courts.

Related Resources

The Ten Guiding Principles of DWI CourtsNational Center for DWI Courts.

Minnesota DWI Courts: A Summary of Findings in Nine DWI Court ProgramsNPC Research (July 2014).

An Evaluation of the Three Georgia DUI CourtsNHTSA (March 2011). This report documents a process evaluation of the first few years of DUI court activities and then describes an impact evaluation that was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the three courts in Georgia.

Evaluation of the DUI Court Program in Maricopa County, ArizonaNHTSA (July 2011). This is the final report of a project that evaluated the effectiveness of a DUI court program aimed at reducing felony DUI offenders’ subsequent alcohol-related traffic violations. The evaluation found that the DUI court concept as applied in Maricopa County was effective in reducing the recidivism of felony DUI offenders as measured by the time before a subsequent alcohol-related traffic conviction. The study also found that the DUI court program was more effective in reducing recidivism than the county’s standard probation program for the target group of offenders.

Process Evaluation of the South St. Louis County DWI Court ProgramUniversity of Minnesota-Duluth (April 2011). This process evaluation of the South St. Louis County DWI Court examines the first 27 months of its operation.